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Reading between the lines

Of what you say, and what you said

Between The Lines

This is my writing journal. It's where I write original fiction and poetry.

I also update this journal with life news and general information; sometimes a ramble or rant.

My user name is a quote from a Sara Bareilles song.

I go by Ean. I'm genderqueer, pansexual and polyamorous. I don't often write here, but when I do it's either updates or fiction; poetry or chapter fic.
I dabble in fandom, but I move it to other journals.
My primary partner and I are getting into our 30s and as such our lives are concentrated on moving forward - marriage, kids, house, etc. :D

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I was a member of brigits_flame from August 2008 until March 11th 2010, and from 3/31/2010 to January 17th 2011. And I went back, July 3rd 2012.

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